Swegway balance boards - The ultimate portable travel system.The swegboard will take you where you need to go. Shop the legendary balance boards at hypeswegway.com

Electric unicycle

When it comes to the daily commute, the tube or bus isn't always the most appealing option. Cramped, loud and expensive not to mention the inevitable rush hour issues. Now you don't have to suffer any longer thanks to Hype Boards™. We have designed the biggest and best range of electric unicycles to suit your needs using the latest in engineering technology. Order today and have a product that you can use for a lifetime. Every single electric unicycle we sell will deliver;


Artistic excellence


Technology that is far superior to any of our rivals - that means less charging time, more power and a longer battery life.




The future of travel in inner-city areas - no commute hassle, no packed train, just pure enjoyment. Make your daily travel easier with Hype Boards™. The #1 choice of electric unicycle users around the world.


You have asked and we most certainly have delivered. One stunning range for the modern urban worker. Perfect for sliding next to your coffee table at Starbucks, ideal to carry into work, amazing for seeing the world in an entirely new way. Luxury design in 11 unique colours. It's time you joined the electric unicycle movement.




Before we blow you away with our stunning features, we understand that some of you have got a sbu unicycle to buy! Here are our best-sellers. 100% positive feedback. One stunning portable travel system.

With spec like this it is easy to see why the electric unicycle is our #1 seller. Grab yours now and change the way you see the world, with Hype Boards™




How do i use my electric unicycle?


All you have to do to use our revolutionary design for the modern worker is stand on  two wings either side of its central wheel and dictate your direction and speed simply by leaning. Your body weight controls your movement. Want to go forward? Lean forward on your Hype Board™. Turn to the left? Then lean that way. It really is as easy as that. Trust us you are looking at the product of the future and when you feel how amazing it is to be levitating above the ground leaving people in your wake, that is worth the money alone! Feel the tech carry you forward like an astronaut as you hover your way towards wherever it is you are going!




The one final thing to point out about our range is that although every Hype Board ™ we sell are designed using future tech, stunning design and fantastic speeds and battery life, the electric unicycle are also so much fun to use. Seeing peoples faces as you glide past them is one of the best parts about having an electric unicycle... and now all of this can be yours. Exclusive UK design giving you a world of opportunity.




Head to our store now and shop the full collection! You need this. Stand out this year and make your journey come alive, with the Hype Boards™ electric unicycle range.

SWEGWAY Electric unicycles - Hype swegway has the biggest range of electric unicycles in the world. Shop our exclusive range now www.hypeswegway.com

Incredible right? All you have to do is head to our store and shop the full collection. Purchase your favourite model and we will do the rest and deliver the highest quality Uk engineered electric unicycle to your door. We can't wait to make your life so much better. Check our how to use section for details on how to ride yours.




Now what makes the electric unicycle from Hype Boards™ so special?


*Lightweight design, durable, storable


*Slick, modern, utterly stylish,


*Fully customisable


*Ideal for beginners or experts


*Utilises the latest design technology


*Achieve speeds of up to 12 mph


*Charge battery with ease


*Perfect ergonomics giving you a perfect electric unicycle built to last


*The only way to beat the crowd



*Our technology uses an internal gyroscope and height detection sensor to propel its rider to their destination.




Want to see this stunning piece of work in action on the streets of London? Check out this awesome video before you buy...

Swegway balance boards - The ultimate portable travel system.The swegboard will take you where you need to go. Shop the legendary balance boards range now!