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With their latest track "Runnin' Tha City", we caught up with Boomin' Recordz with an exclusive preview of the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSv6eFpA0Z0

Where are you from?

From: stuart, Fl

Describe your sound

We have our own down south sound…

Tell us about your latest track:

Latest track: "Runnin' Tha City"

Boomin' Recordz mixtape "WE Boomin' Coming soon

Check them out at:




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Lay presents the BRAND NEW mixtape Been Balling and here is a glimpse of the tracklist from the #musicmoney featured artist;

1.Lay-Hold UP


3.Lay- Whip money

4.Lay-Get To The Money listen download

5.Lay-Don Julio

6.Lay- Castle Me ft Yung Kha

7.Lay-on carpal tunnel

Follow Lay right HERE >> https://twitter.com/laybeats

Download Been Ballin>> http://www.datpiff.com/Lay-Lay-Been-Ballin-mixtape.825509.html

Check out the banger Whip Money https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVYwq_iUOxU&feature=youtu.be

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AB Jetting is Yorkshire's premier pressure/jet washing cleaning company. Our speciality is cleaning and restoration of hard surfaces that have lost their appeal due to poor maintenance or buildup of dirt over time. We use advanced pressure cleaning equipment to clean and restore all manner of exterior surfaces from driveways to patios to a standard that is unmatched.

Whether you are a business, homeowner or any other commercial property owner, talk to us today we have a solution for you. We guarantee you unmatched cleaning services that will make your paving as well as other elements of your exterior space safer, cleaner as well as easy to maintain in between cleans.




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Check Out The Most Impressive GPS Tracking apps on smartphones!!

GPS tracking is becoming extensively popular and people are trying to implement the technology in their smartphones to gain better outcomes. There are many exciting tracking applications which are worth to apply if you want to provide complete security to your kids and other members. Smartphones with GPS tracking technology will perfectly act as GPS tracker for kids when they visit outside for some camping or other activities.

Today GPS is easily available on Android devices, iPhone, and other high-end gadgets. No matter which smartphone you own, there is a GPS tracking app waiting for you all the time. Even here we would like to introduce some impressive GPS tracking apps which are extremely reliable and worth to apply.

1. Glympse - Glympse is easy to use GPS tracking app which will share your geographic location with someone in an effective manner. Here you are not asked to access any social networking site or sign up in order to access the app. You are just required to select the time duration for which the recipient would be able to view your location.

2. MapMyRun GPS Running - MapMyRun GPS Running is the perfect tracking app for the joggers and runners. The app will simply allow you to calculative the covered distance, burnt calories, speed, the time consumed and other factors. With this app, you are served with audio alerts and other stuff which makes it smartest GPS tracking app till date.

3. WAY GPS phone tracking - WAY GPS Phone tracking is treated as most advanced GPS tracking app which will help to locate your current location and other details without any application of icons. With this app, you are required to reboot your smartphone once downloaded. When you get the app, it will become possible to locate your friends, kids, employees and even vehicle secretly.

4. Open GPS tracker - Open GPS tracker is treated as smart GPS tracking app which can also store your locations. This particular app will allow you to share your location in the form of KMZ and GPX files. If you are interested in taking notes while traveling in the form of pictures, texts, audio, and videos, just use the app.

5. Real Time GPS tracker - With this app, you can now share your location with your friends and known ones on the Google map. For sure, the app is a lot more than GPS tracker. It will simply assist in sharing your real-time locations with others and on the other hand, others can also share their location with you.

6. GPSLive Tracking - It is an incredible tracking app, which will precisely share your location within a few moments. This app is widely used as child GPS tracker, as your kids are safe everywhere and every time. GPSLive provides route reports, and event reports which make it ideal for fleet tracking.

This smartphone GPS tracking apps are just incredible and have a lot to offer if managed properly. Never try to interfere in someone else life but you can use these apps for your kid's safety for sure.

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Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used tool for management accountants. Its versatile software enables the analysis, reporting and sharing of important data. However, many accountants are unaware of two clever Excel add-ins that massively extend the functions of this indispensible software.

Power Query

Built by Microsoft, Power Query is a data discovery and query tool, allowing accountants to shape and collate data before a row has even been added to the spreadsheet.

It saves time on importing data, as it collects only the data needed from external sources, including big data sources like Facebook. It also merges data from a variety of sources with ease, bringing the results into Excel as a single table, ready to be used.

Power Pivot

After all the relevant data has been collected by Power Query, it can be used with Power Pivot for further modelling and analysis to enrich your spreadsheet.

Also built by Microsoft, it slots in seamlessly to Excel, with a new tab added to the toolbar. It also extends what users already know about working with data, so any Power Pivot training need only be brief.

It’s still working with formulas, but with the capability to do much more than would be possible on standard Excel.

All data can be enhanced for analytics in Power Pivot, including creating relationships between tables, adding new formulas, creating key performance indicators (KPIs), and organising fields into hierarchies.

Power Pivot adds more than 100 new functions. No longer limited to old favourites like SUM, extras include ‘Countrows’ and ‘Switch’. These all work in pivots, and can auto-adjust if the pivots change. Once a formula has been written, it can be re-used anywhere, conveniently eliminating the need for re-writes. This is incredibly convenient as it eliminates the need to find somebody with a very rare set of skills or invest in lengthy training – the work is done for you.

Users can also be let loose on these functions without the need for IT or accounts staff to help them, meaning managers in a business can create self-serve reports.

The data capacity of Power Pivot is virtually limitless, so no matter the amount of data, calculations can be done in the same way. Hundreds of millions of rows can be treated the same as a hundred – even with multiple or linked tables.

Alongside creating so many new capabilities to Excel, it speeds process up, saving valuable time. Data sets can be linked and spliced almost instantly. Analysis that normally take days can be reduced to less than an hour, and any adjustments that need to be made only take seconds – a huge bonus for any business, as manual adjustments can sometimes take as long as starting from scratch.

The Power Pivot Management Dashboard also enables IT administrators to monitor and manage any shared applications, increasing the security, availability and performance of your spreadsheets.

Power Pivot reports can be shared with others and automatically update as the data changes, meaning no more out-of-date reports circulating around a company.

Both Power Query and Power Pivot, although they are time and cost-saving and hugely increase the capabilities of Excel, are free add-ins, so there is no reason why management accountants explore how they can improve data collection, organisation, and analysis for businesses.