Swegway balance boards - The ultimate portable travel system.The swegboard will take you where you need to go. Shop the legendary balance boards at hypeswegway.com


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So who is a swegway for? The beauty of the swegway and why we have led the revolution in mini segways going from your favourite celebs to people on the street is that they are for EVERYONE. Whether you are a kid bored of walking, a city worker who wants to beat the commute and never pay for a tube again, or a skater looking for something a lot cooler to work with, Hype Boards™ have you covered. All swegboards are not created equally, we offer 10 times the quality of our rivals to give you a swegway that lasts a lifetime.

We really are the brand for everyone, and each and every swegboard is delivered with love to your door so that next week you can be rolling around on the waviest hoverboard out there. Everywhere you look someone in the limelight is moving around on a monorover, Hype Board™ or IO hawk. The chances are they bought it from us. We have sold to everyone from footballers, to Hollywood actors and people on the street... all wanting a swegway from the best. Want something a little more out there? Try our electric unicycle range


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I have heard the hype, but i wanna know how these self balancing scooters work?


Hype Boards™ are where the latest tech meets urban fashion.


The tech lowdown;


Every swegboard comes equipped with a range if INCREDIBLE features such as lighting, up to 10 mph speeds, versatility and never having to walk around again. Enough said! The swegboard is the future of travel, let's break down the technical elements why Hype Boards™ are the best self balancing scooters in the game. Looking at our standard city swegboards which you can get right here,


Any questions before you buy? It has probably been answered right here in our swegboard FAQ section.

The Swegway detects, as it balances, the change in its center of mass, and first establishes and then maintains a corresponding speed, forward or backward. So as your body moves, you can change direction independently. Gyroscopic sensors and fluid-based leveling sensors detect the weight shift. In simple terms, where you place your weight determines which direction you go in and how fast. Simple as that.


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Breezy living that Hype Boards™ lifestyle

Beiber and friends doing his thing at the mall

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City slickers listen up! An electric unicycle is the only way to beat the commute and with over 11 designs we have something for everyone. With every electric unicycle custom made, you can guarantee you will the be only one in your office with one of these! Our electric unicycles have been sold everywhere from London to Bangkok and are the best investment you could ever make.


So what is an electric unicycle? Well, much like our swegways these little inventions use Gyro sensors and self balancing technology to determine your centre of gravity and you control direction with your body weight. What takes the electric unicycle to the next level is the amount of control you have which makes it the sister product of the mini segway, but much more slick and affordable. As with hybrid cars, the battery recaptures energy when going downhill or slowing down which is a stunning facet that we have added at Hype Boards™ to make sure you are not constantly charging your electric unicycle like with cheaper models. Every electric unicycle reaches speeds of up to 10 mph, offers stunning hybrid technology, captivating views and a unique way to travel. You need one of these right now.


Go the full journey to work on our uber-cool electric unicycles... or ride to the tube station, either way with a battery life that will last hours, a quick recharging system that takes less than one hour and stunning artwork, they're really is no other option for the modern worker or businessperson. To find out more about our electric unicycles and what separates Hype Boards™ from everyone else, head to our electric unicycle section now. We promise you this will be the best investment you ever make and will change the way you see the world.

Welcome to the next level, the baller level.


Our swegboards take all of the power and ability of our city swegways and deliver that little bit extra! Extra durable, bigger platform to stand on and even more colour options! Throw in the fact you can play your music through them and you get the very best 2 for 1 purchase with Hype Boards™! Our swegboard range uses state of the art Bluetooth tech, which means you can play your own tracks right through your swegboard whilst rolling down the street. Wireless, straight from your phone or device and taking you to where you need to be in style. This is not just any ordinary swegboard people! This is the next generation swegboard.




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Cruisin' down the street on my swegboard;



Swegboard means total freedom in and around the city, your time is your own. No more walking, and play all of your banging beats while you're moving through the city streets.


Now you've probably seen Breezy and a whole host of other celebs rocking their swegboards with the coolest lights on the back. Now that's what we deliver and more. The latest lighting technology so you can use your swegboard day or night and look incredible doing it.



When it comes to making an investment in how you travel, Hype Boards™ has the solution you are looking for.

Self balancing scooter means bigger wheels, bigger speed, bigger action. Eat up the roads with Hype Boards this year. All of our self balancing scooter range has 10 inch wheels so you can go over different terrains. They also reach up to 6 mph faster then our city range so if speed is something you are into, the self balancing scooter extreme sport range is the one for you. What makes this the most popular choice of 1000's of ladies and gents just like you is that they are designed with the commuter in mind. We know you want to get home quick which is why we increased speeds on our self balancing scooter range. We know you don't want to be bothered with charging, which is why our self balancing scooter range can go up to 5 km further then the standard model and IO Hawk before you need to charge (simple to do - only takes 90 minutes anyway). We know you want the convenience to pick these up and put them next to your desk or coffee table. No worries - our lightweight design takes care of that. But we also know that you are a fashion conscious bunch, so we listened, and the next gen swegway includes many new designs that you are loving. 4 great colours. Only 1 option in travel. Hype Boards™ self balancing scooter. Want to know how to use your balance board? check right here.




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Self balancing scooter

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Why so many different names?


Now you may have seen us blowing up all over twitter and social media, you may know that we are the biggest swegway brand in the world, but you might not know all of the different names for this perfect bit of travel tech that we are selling here at Hype Boards?


Let's break it down;






Self balancing scooter


Mini segway


Monorover R2


IO Hawk




Balance board



Now all of these are pretty much the same thing. They come with their own unique styles and flavours but they are very similar in approach, they get you from A to B in the coolest way on earth. Were WE are different is that each of our different swegway types we sell has unique designs, art, features, controls and ultimately, our craftsmanship is second to none. Different models of Hoverboards we sell here at Hype Boards™ come with different speeds too. So whatever your needs, wherever you are going, best believe we are the only company in the world that can make your dreams a reality RIGHT NOW. Order today and join the swegolution.

This swegway cover of Justin Beiber 'What do you mean' is taking over the world. And here's why...

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Another commonly known name for this mega piece of kit is the balance board. With this piece of tech that is taking the world by storm you will be able to glide your way to work, school, or wherever else you are going. Balance boards are ideal for beginners and pro’s alike (as you can see from the dancers rocking to Justin Beiber’s tune above). Simple let your feet do the talking with Hype Boards™, the best balance boards on the market. Available now to ship worldwide at our store.


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Balance board

Swegway balance boards - The ultimate portable travel system.The swegboard will take you where you need to go. Shop the legendary balance boards range now! gOT qUESTIONS-


silverchrome1 purple chrome



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